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You now have a unique, unparalleled opportunity to build a real, solid and proven custom printing business within the custom print industry that is turning over billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros every year.

Our system taps right into … and will leverage the 6 year old, custom print industry’s leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, customer management, product management, marketing management and so much more!

Once on the inside you are in the REAL world of custom printing, not just an another affiliate.

      A business which requires zero investment!

      A proven business model (our platform actually launched over 6 years ago)

      A business which is scalable, easy to understand and profitable

      A business delivering  products people use and BUY every day

      Your custom business delivering proven in demand, tangible real products


Following are just a few of the many fantastic features:

100% Custom Business business set up
  Add custom pages and naviagtion
  Set store to focus on customers creating their own designs, designs you have created or both
  Sell single garments to consumers or contract large B2B print runs
  Back office to monitor sales and earnings
  Direct access to customer records
  Create custom pages
  Map your own domain

  Over 150 types of blank products to print on
  Multiple sizes from youth to adult for both male and female
  Front end designer for clients to create their designs

  Back end designer for you to create custom designs
  Over 20 store template designs with multiple color options
  Option to create totally unique store design via custom CSS
  Interact and communicate with customer via inbuilt custom newsletter

  Market your store with the iframe and flash widgets or push to 3rd party RSS feeds

  No minimum print run, customers can order just ONE

  Full color printing

  Over 4,000 stock images to help you and your customers create custom designs
   ‘Direct To Garment’ (DTG), Screen, Sublimation & Embroidery Printing Options
  Printing & Fulfilment done for you


Unlike a traditional garment printing business, we guarantee zero investment required. You NEVER have to invest in:

    Printing machinery

    Printing supplies

    Stock such as shirts and accessories


    Website hosting

    Website design



We make things as simple as we possibly can … just get those buyers to your store and we take care of the rest.

Delivery: Once the customer places an order(s), our printer’s team of dedicated customer care and print specialists ensure quick turn around and quality print every time.

Every customer order is delivered directly to his/her door without your ever having to lift a finger.

You don’t have to get involved with any aspect once the customer has placed an order.


We don’t just brand your stores and websites … that would be far too easy.

We also go the extra mile by branding customer email notifications with your business name or brand … and of course website address so they know where to go for follow up orders!


Your Affiliate Customm store will have an integrated eCommerce shopping cart so you don’t have to worry about the complications of how your customers will make payment.

All customer payments made through the stores go through the central eCommerce facility.

When you want to be paid you simply check the commissions due report and request a payment by PayPal or bank transfer for larger payments to save on PayPal fees.

Payments become due on shipment to the customer so you can expect to make a payment request 7 to 10 days after each customer's order.

Once up and running you could be making daily payment requests, directly to YOUR Pay Pal account [required]!

So Get your Affiliate Custom store for FREE, NOW. Just click on this link to sign up




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